JPOP USA is dedicated to bringing the best of Japanese music to the USA.

JPOP USA’s primary objective is to work as a multimedia liaison to facilitate Japanese musical artists and Japanese musical companies working in the USA. Past project have involved concerts, CD releases, TV shows. magazine and newspaper articles, online marketing, TV advertising, artist relations, label negotiations and various promotions.

Some past projects include:

AKINANan Desu Kan 2004
An CafeA-Kon 2007
CaminoA-Kon 2003 A-Kon 2004 Oni-Con 2004 Numa Rei-Con 2005
DJ BOSSA-Kon 2005
Do As InfinityA-Kon 2004
dreamA-Kon 2005
Duel JewelA-Kon 2003
ketchup maniaA-Kon 2007
Kitaki MayuAnimeFEST 2002
Koda KumiUshicon 2004 KamiKazeCon 2005
KOTOKOA-Kon 2006
Kristine SaAnimeFEST 2002 Otakon 2003 A-Kon 2006
Kumiko KatoUshicon 2004 AnimeFEST 2004 Nan Desu Kan 2004 FanimeCon 2005 A-Kon 2005 Otakon 2005 Shiokazecon 2006
L’arc~en~cielOtakon 2004
m.o.v.e.AnimeFEST 2003
MAXAnimeFEST 2004
MELLA-Kon 2007
Nami TamakiA-Kon 2004
PenicillinA-Kon 2006
Piano SquallA-Kon 2006
T.M.RevolutionOtakon 2003
ZZA-Kon 2005 Fanime 2005

It is JPOP USA’s belief that music truly is a universal language and can be enjoyed by everyone. Other countries around the world have long been open to accepting popular foreign language music into the mainstream and now it is time for the US to follow suite.

J-Pop (an acronym for Japanese Popular music) is a generic term that describes many different genres of current musical styles such as pop, rock, dance, rap and soul. In Japan, the term J-Pop is used to distinguish this modern style of music from others such as Enka, which is a traditionally styled Japanese ballad. One may hear terms such as J-Rock and J-Rap but these terms fall under the generic “Japanese Popular” umbrella and are only used to denote that they are not of a “Pop” style of music.

With the mass popularity of other forms of Japanese media gaining attention such as anime, manga and movies, it is time for the wonderfully diverse and fresh music of Japan to reach our shores. Japan has the second largest music industry in the world after the US. It is also the primary scene of influence on the whole South East Asian musical market. With such a well developed mainstream and underground indies scene, it is no wonder more and more listeners are gravitating East for something new.

If you are interersted in a project involving Japanese music please contact: